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the solution: Detoxify your Body.

Toxins in the body:

Here’s how we get in trouble: in addition to piling up environmental pollutants, we can also absorb wastes of our own manufacture. When not cleaned out properly, the colon can get so clogged and fouled up that it simply doesn’t work well. It can become a storehouse of body-degenerative pollutants, mucus, fecal matter, etc. Polluted intestines also can’t efficiently screen out chemicals, or properly filter food particles. In turn, this results in poor absorption of nutrients and a higher percentage of toxins entering the blood stream, with which the body then has to struggle.

Ideally, your bowels should move two or three times a day. Otherwise, these wastes have a greater tendency to enter the blood stream, polluting the entire system. This can make you feel tired, rob you of your vitality, and be the cause of diseases.

How a healthy body gets nutrients and removes wastes:

1. The rich supply of blood vessels that surround the stomach and small intestine are waiting for the nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids – to begin their journey throughout the body to every cell. First they are transported to the liver via the portal vein (so-called because it is the door to the liver).

2. In the liver, these nutrients undergo further breakdown, recombination, and storage.

3. The liver also releases many of these nutrients, which are pumped, via the heart, to the many cells and tissues throughout the body. This is how we nourish all the various cells to maintain the health, vitality and function of the human body – our food is the nourishment and energy for our life.

4. The blood also picks up the waste materials and drops them off at the appropriate eliminative sites (lung, skin, kidney and colon) – where they are excreted at sufficient rates to maintain health, hopefully.

Body cleansing:

As toxins circulate through the body before they are expelled (or when there are excessive levels of circulating or stored toxins), we may experience periods of fatigue, headaches, a rash, blemishes, nausea, sniffles, excess mucus, etc. These symptoms can be seen as reactions to the toxins that are loose and circulating in the body and looking for a place to exit. When we start a detoxification program, such as herbal cleansing, we may experience some of these “detox symptoms”. These are temporary, mild, and indicative or good body cleansing. They are easily cleared by drinking plenty of good water to help flush out the toxins and by making sure the colon is working adequately for the elimination of solid wastes.

Herbal cleansing is quick, easy to do, gentle on the system, and is recommended by doctors, naturopaths, health spas, and a variety of other health care providers worldwide. Try it today and experience the positive changes yourself.

Removing toxins is a vital step toward better health and appearance!

The small intestine: This long tube snakes around your abdomen for 20 feet (6 meters), continually squeezes food along it, by the action known as peristalsis.

Absorbing nutrients: In the lining of the small intestine there are many small blood vessels. Nutrients seep into the blood and are carried away, mainly through the liver, to the entire body.

The large intestine: The large intestine is about 5 feet (1 ½ meters) long. Although shorter than the small intestine, the colon is over twice as wide at 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Absorbing water: The watery leftovers in the large intestine become more solid as water is absorbed from them. Useful bacteria live here too, making some of the vitamins we need.

Cleanse Your Colon Today!

-Source: Haas, Elson M. - "How To Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body Today!"

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