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The Healing Crisis

When we begin a treatment in the measure of our discipline and will, the changes that begin are a transition of the old toward the new; this is what we call a HEALING CRISIS .

Many healing crisis may happen as a part of the restoration process, but these must be understood and welcomed as necessary to your healing.

It is through the HEALING CRISIS that we realize that our body is becoming clean, and that it has left the illness and toxicity that we have accumulated as a result of the lifestyle that we have chosen to live in the past.

You will be a new person, or the one you want to be if you will commit to living life in a different way and accepting my recommendations and suggestions. It is wise to understand that in the moment that you begin to feel as though your healing has now occurred, it is quite likely that you will suffer a "HEALING CRISIS" at this point. Normally, this occurs at the cleansing of the body, especially with people of advanced age, or those who are extremely weak. However, in young people, a HEALING CRISIS in general, is processed very quickly

The moment of truth is that in which the body starts to eliminate toxic matters located in the organs and tissues. It occurs from the head to the feet, inside towards out, and from the inside out in a reverse manner in which the toxicity has been accumulated.

These are the signs of a HEALING CRISIS: headache, chest pain, pain in the legs, general uneasiness, fever, perspiration, eruptions in the skin, vomiting, chills, diarrhea, phlegm, tearing of the eyes, buzzing in the ears, and general exhaustion.

Please accept the HEALING CRISIS as a symptom of improvement!



The Problem

Auto Intoxication

The Solution

The Healing Crisis